Pico Park

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The playing rules of Pico Park

Let's discover the world and join exciting mini-games with cute cats in Pico Park. Select your favorite game modes and try to complete all levels.

Choose your favorite character

This game can be played by 8 players. Therefore, you can invite your friends to play it with you. At the start of the game, you must choose between 8 characters. The characters in this game are adorable cats. They have different colors. You and your friends will take turns selecting the characters and then click the Next button to play the game.

Select between three game modes

After that, you must select your favorite game modes. Like Crash Team Racing, this game also offers many game modes which have different playing rules.

  • World Mode: In this game mode, you and your friends have to explore 12 worlds. In each world, you must encounter different obstacles. You and your friends must cooperate smoothly to overcome these dangers and reach the end of the world. This game mode is suitable for playing as a team.
  • Endless Mode: When playing this game mode, you must take part in endless fights. In these fights, you and your friends will compete to complete a distinct mission. For example, you must stay away from the ball, build blocks, drive the airplane to fly the furthest distance without hitting the wall, or evade dangerous obstacles.
  • Battle Mode: This game mode offers four battles which are Height Battle, Region Battle, Jump Battle, and Stop Watch Battle. In the Height Battle, you must reach the highest by jumping on the heads of your friends. In the Region Battle, your mission is to hit your ball into your opponents' territories to conquer them. In the Jump Battle, you must take caution with cannonballs because they will hurt you. Attempt to stay alive as long as possible to become the winner of this battle. In the Stop Watch Battle, your goal is to press the button closest to 0.01 seconds.

How to control


Press the A-D keys to move.

Press a W key to jump.


Click the left mouse button to jump and move.