Drunken Boxing

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Introduction to the game Drunken Boxing

Drunken Boxing is a popular fighting game in the West. The game focuses on how you attack and defend. Use your hands flexibly to win this match.

Boxing technique

As you know boxing is a sport that belongs to martial arts. Martial arts were created for the purpose of fighting, self-defence and health protection. And for this martial art to become a sport, there must be rules and techniques that are allowed to be developed in this discipline. To better understand boxing, you need to know the basic boxing techniques. There are 4 basic boxing punching techniques including the Jab punch, the hook, the straight and finally the reverse hook. Above are 4 basic boxing punching techniques that you need to practise.

When entering the game, the boxing punching techniques will also be shown similar to reality. But in the game, you will control the character more in favour of physical movements. The boxers are in a drunken state and you need to time the right moments to deliver deadly punches. Direct punches to the face will deplete the opponent's energy bar. When the energy bar is completely depleted you will win. Note when you win 5 times corresponding to 5 stars you will win absolutely.

Boxing Outfit

The typical outfit of the boxers is shorts and a pair of boxing shoes. In the game, the characters will be different when they are distinguished by two obvious colours, orange and blue.

Boxing equipment

Normally, boxers will be equipped with standard boxing gloves, jaw guards and joint protection bandages. As in the game, you will see two boxers will also be fully equipped with competition gloves. The glove is also a typical tool of boxers that when you look at it, you will immediately recognize what sport this is.

Features in the game

In addition to attractive gameplay, the game also gives you outstanding features that not all games have. The first is the in-game graphics. With a harmonious combination of colours, the game night brings you an extremely eye-catching playing arena. Second, is the vibrant sound. It is these sounds that create a fierce game arena, seething with the spirit of victory. Third is the game mode. You can join the game in 1-player or 2-player mode depending on your entertainment needs. Finally, the unique gameplay will definitely make you join the game many times.

Although the game will make you feel like boxers are funny, this is a feature that is emphasised in the game. The movements of the boxer will be a challenge for you because it is really not as easy to control as you think. These movements are also very difficult to control like in the game Only Up, if you have never played this game, try it, it will be the most obvious proof.

How to control the character

Player 1

  • Use the A key to attack with the left hand
  • Use the D key to attack with your left hand
  • Use the W key to advance
  • Use the S key to move backwards

Player 2

  • Use the left arrow to attack with the left hand
  • Use the right arrow to attack with the left hand
  • Use the up arrow to advance
  • Use the down arrow to go backwards