Skibidi Toilet

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What is Skibidi Toilet?

Skibidi Toilet is a famous fight game that requires you to fight against the Skibidi monsters. Try to protect the city from their invasion and earn money.

You must be too familiar with the monster that has a scary man's head in a toilet. That monster is called Skibidi and really popular on social platforms. Now, it is equipped with two guns and attacks the city. As a citizen, you must save the security of the city now.

The playing rules of Skibidi Toilet

First, you must buy weapons in the shop. There are 4 kinds of weapons such as Plasma Gun, Thunder Light, Aurous, and Molt. They have different designs and prices, but you should buy your suitable weapon. Then, you must hire more cameramen who will assist you in the fight against Skibidis. There are five Skibidis that you must find and shoot down. Note that the red dots in the mini-map at the top of the screen are the positions of the Skibidis. You can look at them to approach the monsters. When you find the monsters, you must try to shoot them before they eliminate you. Take caution with the attacks of Skibidis. You can run or jump to avoid their attacks. Keep in mind that you will be rewarded with 100 dollars after murdering a Skibidi. Do your best to earn as much money as possible and raise your level. Furthermore, if you want to join more exciting shooting fights, you can take a look at Funny Shooter 2 which is an awesome shooting game on our website.

How to control

Press the arrow keys or WASD keys to move around.

Press the spacebar to jump.

Hold the right mouse button to aim.

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Use the mouse to con trol the camera view.