Only Up

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Only Up is a brain game that challenges your patience. Use the flexibility of your body and your own experiences to climb thousands of meters in this game.

Game mechanic

The game has many unique and new ideas, but the main mechanism of the game is still the movement of the character with running and jumping steps. Besides, when participating in the game you will have to use your brain to find the shortest and safest way to the finish line. When reaching a certain height the game will open up to you new knowledge and unique views in the game. All these mechanics combine to create a unique, distinct, and extremely addictive game.

Goals in Only Up

The game belongs to the type of action platformer game, the player will have to climb a tower with a skyscraper height. The tower is made up of all the familiar objects in daily life. Therefore, every step of the climb you will have new and dramatic experiences. As you move higher and higher, the first pressure you will have to bear is the creepy height. Don't fall to the lower part of the low court because it will take time to climb up again. Your only goal in this game is to climb to the location of the tower in the shortest time possible.

The game will make you play again and again because the game has many paths to climb to the top of the tower. So it's only natural that you repeat the steps. If you find it difficult to move, set short-term goals. Climb to higher positions every day and accumulate experience to make your movement speed faster and more accurate.

Character movement

One of the prominent features of the game is the realistic character movement. A game with many obstacles like Only Up requires the character's moves to be flexible in accordance with each move. Mainly the character in the game will perform movement steps such as running, jumping, and sliding. Find paths that you can definitely walk, run, and climb. These roads will sometimes not be easy because they will contain pitfalls or dead ends. Or sometimes you have to jump in at the right moment. The jumping technique also requires a calculation of the direction of the jump. If you jump in the wrong direction, you will have to do it again. Because sometimes there are roads where only one direction is right. In order for the gameplay to be smooth, you need to combine the right and accurate movements.

Besides the basic movements in the game, there are some other movements that you need to pay attention to. When exposed to difficult terrain, and unable to perform basic movements, advanced movements are a great idea that will be suggested for you here. The first is about wall jumping. In this movement, you can jump higher than the base level to help you jump over the wall. The second is the double jump movement. With this double jump, you can jump twice in a row in the air to help you shorten the time to move to higher positions. Finally, there's the fast dash movement. This movement gives you a fast movement speed like a whirlwind that helps you to overcome the roads that need to be opportunistic. These movements used at the right time will give you a burst of speed to enhance your skills in the game.

The movement of the character is fast or slow depending on the slope of the tower. The steeper the tower, the more difficult it becomes to balance. To overcome these stages, you need to be persistent and master the character's movements. All the situations you encounter during the move will become easier when you understand the character's movement skills.

Collect coins

In addition to the challenges that you need to overcome in the game, the process of collecting coins is also a new challenge for you. Why is the coin-collecting process a challenge? That's right because precious coins are hidden in many locations and hard to reach. You can find coins in hard-to-see, fragile platforms. To collect coins you just need to touch where the coins are kept. After collecting coins you can buy upgrades and suggested powers in the game store. The upgrades from coins will be a great support for your journey to the top of the tower.


Puzzles are an extremely important part to increase the drama of Only Up. Puzzles are included in the game to help you expand your problem-solving skills. Puzzles are no different than difficult challenges that you need to overcome. Puzzles are closely related for you to find the right path. At some stages, you need to find the exact process to climb to the highest positions. For example, in the process of moving, you will see the beds placed in different positions. By jumping on these beds you can reach incredible heights. But if you don't find the right bed to jump on, you will fall into another void. This space can cause you to fall to lower positions. The switches to trigger certain movements will also be puzzles for you. By observing the environment, things around you will find these answers. In general, the puzzles in the game will stimulate your problem-solving thinking ability to a new level.

Only Up Game

Only Up Game will be a journey of discovery that you cannot ignore. The game creates a completely new entertainment space with excellent graphics and sound. Let's discover what great images the game maker has brought into this game.

Attractive environment

The environment in the game Only Up is a factor that makes the game diverse. The game starts with an abandoned city scene. The environment in the first scene seems a bit polluted, but the higher you go, you will see the environment change. The higher you go, the cleaner the air will be. Climbing to a certain height you will experience more water. In this environment, you will have to be careful with the boats that are arranged here. If you do not find a safe seat when the boat moves you will fall down immediately. Next, you will be familiar with the snow and ice environment. Coming to this environment, you will also encounter more difficult challenges in jumping. There are also many other interesting environments for you to experience.

In-game effects

Entering the game you will be overwhelmed by the amazing effects. The effect that adds to the game's appeal is the effect of light and shadow. With the harmonious combination of light and shadow, you will give you a clear sense of the depth and atmosphere of the game. The depth of the game is very evident in the process you climb the tower. They will be gradually narrowed when viewed from top to bottom. As you climb up you will still be able to see the details below. If you are afraid of heights, this is a challenge for you. In addition, the game also has an additional particle effect that creates an extremely unique image layer in the game.


In the world of the Only Up game, all colors are combined harmoniously down to every detail. In the game there are many interesting endings, each item will have a unique character. Therefore, the color to highlight the characteristics of things and phenomena in the game is also a point of attention. With this amazing color combination, the game will come alive, creating a sense of excitement and adventure without being boring.

How to control the character in Only Up

In the game, you can control the character easily by performing the following basic keys:

  • To move the character left and right, you use the A/D key or the left/right arrow key.
  • To move the character forward, use the W key or the up arrow key.
  • To receive objects moving behind you use the S key or the down arrow key
  • To jump you use a spacebar

The latest update of Only Up

Only Up game was first launched in 2019. Since its release the game has received the attention of many game participants including famous streamers. The game currently has nearly 200,000 viewers on Twitch, an admirable number for any indie game.

Only Up on Steam

Steam is the largest online copyright game distribution platform currently published by Valve from the US. Only Up is considered one of the hottest games on Steam today. 70% of users on Steam rate the game well. The remaining percentage rated the game no because of one of the reasons such as the game does not allow saves, and the character in the game never dies. To play this game on Steam, players can buy and install attractive games themselves at the Store on the Steam platform on their computers. But here you can play the game for free.

Game publisher

The game is published by SCKR Games. The latest release date is updated on May 24, 2023.

Meaning of the game

The game is inspired by the classic British story "Jack and the Beanstalk". The story is about a boy named Jack who trades his cow for a handful of magic beans. When planted, the peas grew into a giant bean plant that led up to the sky. Jack climbs a bean tree and discovers this is the home of a giant. He has a goose that lays golden eggs. Jack stole the chicken and tried to escape, but was chased by the giant relentlessly. When Jack got home, he quickly cut down the magic bean tree, which caused the giant to fall and die. With the goose that lays golden eggs Jack and his mother become rich and live happily ever after.

In the game, you will play Jackie, a teenager living in poverty. To achieve the greatest, Jackie must conquer the top of the tower, the higher you climb, there will be many interesting things to explore and conquer. This is a long road that requires perseverance and the spirit of not giving up. In short, the meaning of the Only Up game is not to be afraid that you will have to repeat the old path because there are new failure experiences that give you lessons to succeed.

Overall rating of the game Only Up

Objective assessment

Only Up game gives players relaxing moments and great experiences. Many elements from the gameplay, and the pace of the game to the graphics and sound, all bring an interesting feeling when participating. Maybe the game will give some people inhibitions for some players but this will be a test to test your patience. In addition, some people think that playing Only Up leaves them with a wide range of emotions from excitement to crazy. With such reviews, it is enough to understand how powerful the game is for players. With the current popularity of the game, this will be a suitable game for many different ages, especially teenagers like our character Jackie. If you want to check if these reviews are true then join this game now. You will have immediate results.

Subjective assessment

For me Only Up is a fun game even though I have a bit of a fear of heights. In the process of playing the game, I clearly see the great features of the game. Typically the ability to slow down the character's time and speed. The higher I go, the more interesting the game is even though I have crashed many times. If I get to play this game with my friends, I think it's not too difficult to get to the top of the tower. My highest achievement to climb to the top of the tower is 1 hour 38 minutes. I think this is quite a long time for me to reach the top of the tower. I will keep playing the game to get the shortest amount of time. Hopefully, you will also achieve the shortest time when reaching the top of the tower.