Vex 3

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About the game Vex 3

Vex 3 gives you fascinating acrobatic skills to overcome many obstacles. Exciting adventures are waiting for you to discover and conquer now!

Skill game

To say that the Vex 3 game is a game that requires high skills or not is certainly a correct statement. In the game, you will see the movement of the stickman including many skills such as running, jumping, jumping, and climbing walls. Each movement corresponds to a skill that needs to be practiced.

Stickman skills are used to deal with various dangerous obstacles. These obstacles are jagged engines, spikes, walls, uncertain paths, logical movements, and dangerous traps. To overcome these obstacles, you need to use skills proficiently and flexibly.

Pass the levels playing

The game has countless levels of play, at each level, you will experience different challenges and obstacles. Levels are made consecutively giving you dramatic and uplifting gameplay to conquer new levels. To pass all the levels in the game you need to spend time practicing the game. After a period of practice, you will draw your own experiences to apply for each level of play. The last level will be the level that determines how much time you have practiced this game.

Vex 3 unblocked

Vex 3 unblocked gives you many upgrades and various amazing expansions. You can join the game on all web browsers available on devices such as computers, phones, or tablets. With a strong connection, you will get moments of great relaxation without jerking or lagging.

Upgrade in the game

To enhance the attractiveness of the game, upgrades are indispensable. The first is an upgrade on Stickman's new abilities. Now players can slide, and climb to overcome obstacles. Next is the upgrade to new challenges. Players can bring home great achievements by completing various challenges along the way. These challenges range from easy tasks to complex ones like completing a level without dying. Finally, the upgrade of the game levels. Many new levels of play with various obstacles are arranged to challenge the skills of the player. In short, a lot of upgrades are provided in the game with the purpose of creating new depth for the game and giving players a different feeling.

Extension game

The version of the game offered here is Vex3, which is an episode in the Vex series of games. So you can join games of the same series like Vex 2, Vex 4, Vex 5, Vex 6, and Vex 7. Also, you can join games with the same platformer theme as Only Up. These games will definitely strengthen your knowledge of how to operate the game in a great way.

How to controls

To move the stickman you have to use arrow keys or WASD keys. To perform wall jumps, the player needs to jump towards the tangled wall and quickly press the opposite arrow key. Besides the usual movement skills, advanced movement skills are also very important. Advanced mobility here is the ability to slide and swim underwater. To slide you use the down arrow key. To swim you use the up arrow key.