Funny Shooter 2

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About the game Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2 is a single-player shooter game. A tense confrontation between you and the enemy is underway. Reload continuously to destroy them all.

Lone gunfight

Coming to the game you will participate in a battle alone against all the ferocious enemies that are aiming for you. The location where you will prepare for this attack is an area with no houses only trees and rocks for you to run and hide. Fierce enemies will gradually appear in different attack directions. Therefore, you need to observe and move quickly to approach the opponent at a safe distance and start firing bullets. Each time you destroy an opponent, you will receive a gold coin, proceed to the location where the gold coin appears to collect.

The enemy's attacks will become denser, which means you are approaching danger. When you fall into these dangerous attack situations, take advantage of the gaps to run the reload for your gun. You should also pay attention not to being surrounded by enemies because they are also equipped with dangerous weapons such as baseball bats, pans, and tree branches, ... The battle will end when you destroy all 30 competitors.

Various types of unique guns

One of the highlights of the game is the diverse arsenal of weapons. The main weapon in the game is the gun. You will find a lot of wacky and imaginative guns that add more fun and excitement to the game. The guns that you can choose from include Blast-o-Matic, Bubble Blaster, Freeze Ray, Goo Launcher, and Zapinator. Each type of gun will have its own unique characteristics and strengths, so test them all to find the gun that suits you best. Whether you like explosive firepower, crowd control, or strategic utility, Funny Shooter 2 has a gun that will make you smile as you take down your enemies in the most exciting ways possible.

Main features of Funny Shooter 2

Difficulty increases with level

The game has all different levels of play, each level will have its own unique features and different challenges. From navigating dangerous platforms to unexpected situations, you'll never have a dull moment in this game.

Sound and graphics

The game is designed with beautiful 3D graphics, with simple things but when combined together, it creates an extremely impressive game area. The game's graphic structure is almost the same as Only Up, you can join and compare. Besides, vivid, realistic sound effects motivate you to excitedly destroy all opponents.

Character customization

With a wide range of options available, you can really make your character your own. From choosing different outfits and accessories, you have full control over your character's appearance and behavior in the game.

Power-ups and upgrades

Collect power-ups scattered throughout the levels to enhance your character's abilities. Upgrade your weapons to deal more damage and unlock special abilities that will help you overcome even the toughest enemies.

How to control

Mouse - Look around

WASD - motion

W + Shift - run

Space - jump

Left mouse button - shoot

Hold the right mouse button - aim

Mousewheel - next/top weapon

1-7 - Weapon hotkey

R - reload

G - Throw a grenade

T - Check weapons

E - remove/remove the weapon