Truck Loader

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About the game Truck Loader

Truck Loader is a game that challenges your creative thinking. Use the provided forklift to move the crate to the truck location in the shortest amount of time.

Challenging levels in the game

With the game genre that favors that solution, most will have many levels to challenge the player. And the game Truck Loader is no exception. The game is divided into 30 levels. The first level will be the easiest. At this level mainly suggest how to play, so that you can easily visualize the next level of play. Starting from level 2 you will start to use thinking to solve situations. As you get to the higher levels you will see the difficulty will increase. Moreover, the next levels will have more obstacles, dangers, and difficult terrains to move. But don't worry you will pass these levels as you accumulate a lot of experience from the previous levels.

Build the right strategy

The strategy in this game is a combination of mobility skills, an understanding of physics, and advanced planning for the forklift you control. Do your research around the play space and you will find something and take advantage of it. Don't overlook any small detail. Because those clues can help you deduce the answer. To be able to pass the levels easily, these strategies are extremely important.

Outstanding features in the game

Game Truck Loader attracts many people who love to experience and challenge thinking because the game has many attractive features. These features set the game apart from games like Only Up and from hundreds of other entertaining games out there. Let's find out what those features are.

Intuitive controls

The game can be played on the keyboard or on the controller. The gameplay is easy to understand and learn. This makes it easy for new players or old players to absorb and still bring interesting experiences and challenges to the game.

Many obstacles

To challenge players and keep the game from getting boring, the obstacles that appear in the game are an indispensable feature. You will encounter obstacles such as barriers, different types of containers, complex environments, and machines such as conveyors and rotating platforms.

Graphics and sound

The game has eye-catching graphics and impressive sound. The colors in the game are harmoniously coordinated, and the detailed environment makes you happy to look at them. Besides, the background music has also increased the level of drama in the game.

Train your thinking ability

If you want to increase your thinking ability, surely the game can help you do this. Because at any level, if you don't think about the proper movement of the forklift and the distribution of the boxes in different locations, you will not be able to get to the next level. Therefore, the ability to think is necessary when participating in the game.

How to control a forklift?

To control the forklift you need to use the following keys:

  • Use the A key or the left arrow key to move the forklift to the left
  • Use the D key or the right arrow key to move the forklift to the right
  • Use the W key or the up arrow key to raise the forklift
  • Use the mouse to move the male cham on the forklift