Rolly Vortex

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Overview of the game Rolly Vortex

Rolly Vortex is a game to help you relieve stress effectively. Use your observation skills and reflexes to get the ball to the furthest spot in the tunnel.

The goal of the game Rolly Vortex

The game will have many different objectives based on how well you practice this game. In the game, you will control a ball rolling in a tunnel with no end. So the general goal of the game is to control the ball to the farthest and get the highest score at each play. The game is about observation and quick reflexes of game participants, to take these skills to the next level you need to practice regularly. Set a respective goal so that you can accumulate experience and use this experience in the next play effectively. When you play Rolly Vortex with the goals that you set, you will surely get an admirable score in return.

Vivid graphics and sounds

Joining the game you will see highlights should be eye-catching 3D images. The tunnel frame is erected in a variety of colors. This unique color combination highlights how dramatic the game is very similar to the Only Up game. Besides, it is impossible not to the distances traveled in the tunnel. These daring designs will challenge your reflexes and fuel your crazy energy as you steer the ball through obstacles in the tunnel.

In-game leaderboard

With endless games like Rolly Vortex without leaderboards, it's boring. To increase the motivation to join the game you will be provided with a leaderboard. The players in this ranking come from many parts of the world. This helps to keep the level of competition at the top of the rankings happening regularly. Now turn on the leaderboard to see who's at the top of the leaderboard. Will you be able to overcome the opponent at the top of the rankings to rise to the number 1 position in the world?

How to control the ball in Rolly Vortex

The control in the game Rolly Vortex is also very simple. You just need to use the mouse to perform a swipe left or right so that the ball does not hit obstacles such as walls, spinning blades, and many other obstacles. The ball in the game will automatically move forward without any stop key. To control the direction of the ball as well as you can.

Explore the game with many attractive features

To create a game as addictive as Rolly Vortex, it is impossible to ignore the outstanding features provided in the game. The following will be attractive features that you cannot ignore when playing this game.

Multiple levels of play

The levels of play in the game are shown during gameplay. As you plunge deeper into the tunnel you will notice a noticeable change in speed. And the difficulty will be increased at the same time because the obstacles will appear with more frequency. This is also the highlight in the game to challenge players to overcome difficult tunnel frames.

Support items

To increase the attractiveness and curiosity of players, the game has placed the tunnel in a variety of items. These items can be diamonds or they can also be items that give you increased strength and bonuses. These items will assist the player in difficult road frames and help the player stay on track to overcome some obstacles.

Ball upgrade

The game will give you 12 different types of balls. To unlock these balls you will have to collect enough diamonds for different types of balls. After performing the ball upgrade you will experience a whole new process with the ball that you upgrade. Will you successfully unlock all the balls provided in this game?

Game developer

The game is developed by Voodoo. This is a French electronics company. You can join the game on all available browsers on computers, phones, and tablets. Game. Since 2016 when the game was released until now, the game has received the attention of many famous gamers and many players around the world.