Motocross FPS

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The race in Motocross FPS

Welcome to the motorcycle races in Motocross FPS now. Drive your motorcycle to race as fast as possible with another biker and complete three laps.

Are you a professional biker? Are you confident in winning the motorcycle races? Play this game now and let us see how well you can drive your motorcycle. You and another racer will compete to complete three laps in the shortest time. The racetrack is really winding and features many corners, which requires you to make impressive drifts. Moreover, you should keep balance and avoid crashing into two barriers along the way. If you hit them, you will fall or your speed will be slowed down. It is an opportunity for your opponent to overtake you. Therefore, you should be careful when racing. The race will end when both racers finish three laps. If you are the first one complete this goal, you will become the winner and be qualified to join the next race. In contrast, if you are the second racer to complete three laps, you will lose. Practice your driving skills more and start the race again.

After winning the races in this game, you can play X Trench Run which is also a racing game on our website.

How to control

Hold an up arrow key to go.

Press the left-right arrow keys to move left or right.

Press the spacebar to stop.

Press the R key to restart the race.

The leaderboard of Motocross FPS

This game features four leaderboards which are daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time leaderboards. The daily leaderboard will show the names, ranks, and records of the top players in a day. Meanwhile, the weekly leaderboard will show the statistics of the players in a week. The monthly leaderboard presents the statistics of the top players in a month. Finally, if you look at the all-time leaderboard, you can know who are the top players at all times.