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Introduction to the game Gunblood

Gunblood is an extremely fun solo shooting game. You will own a revolver, and perform quick actions to knock down your opponent in seconds to win.

Unique gameplay in the game

The game offers engaging and exhilarating experiences when doing one-on-one gun battles. These gunfights take place in a fairly short period of time, so they require players to have lightning-fast reflexes and high accuracy when shooting. To increase the difficulty and to highlight the unique gameplay in the game you will be exposed to many different shooting objects. They will carry a certain level of danger that adds an extra layer of complexity to the gameplay so you will have to be completely focused when facing these opponents.

One of the features that make the game unique is the game mechanics. If you have ever played through Only Up, the mechanics in this game are almost the same. The mechanics in the game were created to test one's courage and acumen. This is demonstrated in the process of reloading, aiming, and firing while dodging incoming bullets and predicting the opponent's next moves.

All these characteristics make the Gunblood game unique gameplay, this game deserves an honorable place in the ensemble of classic Western flash games.

Character selection in Gunblood

The game gives you many choices of different characters. There are 10 characters in total for you to role-play. The characters are exquisitely crafted with intricate designs and meticulous attention to detail that bring these characters to life on screen. All the characters are created with great inspiration that makes the game more interesting than ever.

Game publisher

The game was published by Wolf Game and was first released in 2010. Since its release until now, the game has had a large number of players around the world participating.

How to play

The gameplay is relatively simple and easy to understand. In the game, the screen will show up 6 bullets in your gun. Move the mouse pointer to 6 bullets and prepare to aim. After the end of the 3 seconds countdown, direct the mouse pointer to the opponent's position. Click to shoot. Shoot down the opponent within the limit of 6 bullets you will win.

Game Tips

In Gunblood there is challenging gameplay so it requires you to equip some necessary tips to win. First, you need to stay active in the game. Do not act hastily because that will waste resources and the opponent will gain the upper hand to attack you. Second, if you want to take down the opponent completely, focus on shooting at the head or heart position. Third, you need to pay attention to the firing time. Time your shot correctly and you will gain an advantage over your opponent. Fourth, pay attention to your opponent's movements. If you can predict their movements you will gain a great advantage. Finally, hone your shooting skills to get a beautiful shot and become invincible in all gun battles.