Crash Team Racing

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The gameplay of Crash Team Racing

Welcome to exciting kart races with Crash Bandicoot in Crash Team Racing, Choose your favorite character and start your races on the islands now.

After the success of the Crash Bandicoot series, the developer named Beenox decided to release a new racing game. This game will be about the kart races between characters from the Crash Bandicoot series. You can choose between many characters to join the races freely.

Playable game modes

One interesting thing about this game is the game modes. There are five game modes in this game.

  • Adventure: The first game mode in this game is the Adventure mode which features 7 maps. You will take part in the races in these maps. In each race, your mission is to drive your kart to complete three laps before other racers do that. Note that you are allowed to attack other racers to slow down their speed.
  • Time Trial: The second mode in this game is the Time Trial mode. The race in this mode has only one racer whose mission is to complete three laps within a limited time.
  • Arcade: Next, you can choose the Arcade mode to participate in the kart championship leagues. Each league has 4 races. If you can become the champion of a kart racing league, you are qualified to join the next one. Besides, you can choose the Single button to practice your driving skills.
  • Us: In this mode, you and your friend race with each other.
  • Battle: Finally, you can invite your friends to play the Battle mode with you. You can select between 5 game maps. In this mode, you must use the weapon to attack your friend. Do your best to survive as long as possible to get a victory.

You need to choose one of the game modes to join exciting kart races now. Besides, do not forget to participate in an exciting adventure with Jackie in Only Up.

How to control

Hold an X key to go forward.

Hold a down arrow key to go backward.

Use the left-right arrow key to move to the left or right.

Use a Z or X key to choose.

Use a Z key to use the weapon to shoot enemies.

All power-ups in Crash Team Racing

During the races in this game, you can collect power-ups that will assist you in winning the races. Here is a list of useful power-ups in this game.

  • TNT Crate: The players can collect these TNT crates and drop them along the way. If your opponents run into them, they will explode.
  • Bowling Bomb: You can collect these bombs along the way and throw them at your rivals to slow down their speed.
  • Tracking Missile: You can shoot these tracking missiles at enemies. Note that these tracking missiles can navigate their way and attack the closest rivals.
  • Power Shield: They are bubbles that will protect you from obstacles and attacks from enemies.
  • Invincibility Mask: You must collect these invincibility masks to become invincible. However, their effects will disappear after a few seconds.
  • Super Engine: This power-up will help to accelerate your speed dramatically to overtake other racers in the race.