Drift F1

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Join the races in Drift F1

It's time to embark on thrilling F1 races in Drift F1. As a professional drifter, you must try to win 35 rounds and collect coins scattered along the racetrack.

An F1 car racing league is taking place. Do you want to join it and become the champion? Enter your nickname and start the race now. There are 35 rounds taking place in 35 different racetracks. In each round, your mission is to complete one lap in the shortest time. Although it sounds simple, it is really challenging because the racetrack is full of hazards. The racetrack is not only narrow but also bumpy, which can make you fall off the racetrack at any time. If you fall off the racetrack, you will be eliminated. Therefore, you should be careful when racing on these extreme racetracks. In addition, the racetracks also have many stunt ramps and corners. Whenever you reach the corners, you should turn left or right in time. This requires a professional drifting skill. Finally, the coins are scattered along the track and you can collect them to buy new cars. However, remember that these coins are also potential dangers, so you do not need to pick up them at all costs. After playing this game, I recommend you try playing Crash Team Racing which is also an interesting racing game on our website.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button or release the left mouse button to turn left or right.

Standout features of Drift F1

The first dominant feature of this game is the collection of various cars. This game allows you to purchase 8 cars with different types, designs, colors, and prices. You can use your coins to buy them before starting the race. Another impressive feature of this game is the leaderboards which are updated every day, month, and week. After winning all rounds in the race, you can submit your highest score to see what is your rank on these leaderboards. If you get the first rank, it means that you are the best racer. In contrast, if your rank is low, don't worry and try it again. Practice regularly to improve your racing and drifting skills to gain the highest possible score.