X Trench Run

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About the game X Trench Run

X Trench Run is a fascinating obstacle game with a special space located outside the Earth. Control your spaceship to fly on an endless path to go the farthest.

Beautiful galactic background

The game is set in an extremely impressive galactic space. The colors in the game combine with the architecture to create a fancy edge frame. Besides, there are stars twinkling outside the track creating a vast picture of the universe. In this beautiful space, you will steer a spaceship through dangerous and winding trenches. Let's explore how space will change as you delve into this cosmic path.

Thrilling and Exciting Gameplay

You will be surprised when going deeper into the game are thrilling and exciting battles. First of all, there are obstacles of different shapes that appear on the way. Some common obstacles like walls, columns, and mines. Walls and columns are fixed obstacles to overcome these obstacles you need to move the ship to overcome. There are also a number of mind fruits attached to the two sides of the wall, you need to control the ship to fly up or down to get the main collision.

In addition to you having to control the spaceship to avoid colliding with the walls, you also have to pay attention to the enemies on the way. Enemy ships move at a very fast speed so it is difficult to avoid. You also need to pay attention to the turrets they will fire a bunch of hits on your ship so you should be careful when facing them.

Breakthroughs in the game

With a fast-paced game and addictive gameplay, the breakthroughs in the game are not simple.

Powerful upgrade

With a spaceship full of combat mechanics like in the game, what other upgrades are there? One of the great upgrades included in the game is the powerful laser cannon, which can unleash a huge amount of energy to destroy the opponent's small armored ships. Another notable upgrade is the shield generator, which provides players with a tough, indestructible layer of protection that can evade attacks from enemies and protect boats from explosions.

A number of other improvements will help improve the combat capabilities of the spacecraft. These include increased speed, which allows spacecraft to travel at breakneck speeds and guided missiles that quickly detect and destroy enemy ships.

X Trench Run world record

The world record in the game is a feat of reflexes as well as relentless perseverance. Someone has reached an astonishing 10,000 dictionaries, a score that is hard to beat. To achieve such a good achievement, they must have learned very carefully about the mechanism and how to drive the train effectively. More important to lead to a good result is timing. For example, in the game Only Up you need time to conquer the top of the tower, in X Trench Run you also need time to practice to achieve high results. Do you want the next record to bear your name? Practice hard and you will surely succeed at an admirable score.

How to control a spaceship

To control the spaceship, use the following keys:

Use W or up arrow to move the ship upwards

Use the S key or the down arrow to move the ship down

Use the A key or the down arrow to move the ship to the left

Use the D key or the down arrow to move the ship to the right

Click to shoot