Slope Run

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The playing instruction of Slope Run

Why don't you join an exciting journey with the blue ball in Slope Run now? Help the ball regain its memories by traveling through a tunnel full of dangers.

The story starts when the blue ball traversing many planets in the universe loses its memory. Now, it has to return to these planets to regain its pieces of memory. Therefore, a new adventure starts. Do you want to go with the ball? Let's become the ball's partner and help it overcome hazards during the journey. You must guide the ball roll to the left or right or jump as high as possible to evade unsteady tiles along the way. You will also gain many points if you can help the ball roll the furthest distance. The number of points you gain will be recorded. Like BattleDudes.io, this game also features a leaderboard. You must try to gain the highest rank on the leaderboard.

How to control: Press the arrow keys or WASD keys to guide the ball.

The latest update of Slope Run

In 2023, the developer updated many new features which are collecting gold coins and changing the color of the ball. Specifically, when traveling through the tunnel now, you will see many color tiles. These tiles will change the color of the ball when you control it to roll through them. In addition, besides traversing the planets, you also need to gather the coins that are scattered along the way. Note that the number of coins you can collect is also a factor that affects your rank on the leaderboards. Therefore, you should attempt to pick up as many gold coins as possible. It is possible to say that the new features make this adventure game more interesting, so why do you still hesitate? Try playing this game now to participate in the exciting adventure in the universe.