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The battle in Pung.io

Let's start the fight in Pung.io which is an awesome multiplayer game now. Practice to boost your power and take down opponents and the boss in the arena.

Practice your power

At the start of the game, you need to boost your power. Let's go around the arena and find the exercise equipment. You must hit them to boost your power and level up. Moreover, hitting them helps you earn a lot of money. You can use the coins to upgrade the statistics such as ATK, HP, STM, CRI, AGI, and DEF. This helps you become stronger. Keep in mind that the stronger you are, the higher rank you get on the leaderboard.

Fight against other players and the boss

After getting stronger, you can be ready to attack other players in the arena. You should hit your rival constantly until the opponent runs out of blood and dies. Note that eliminating the foes will help you boost your growing process and earn more coins. During the fight, you can utilize special skills such as increasing the size, dashing, using the shield, and so on to raise your winning odds. After murdering other boxers in the arena, your next target is the boss. This boss is super powerful, so you must be careful. Do your best to defeat the boss to become the strongest boxer. Sometimes, the boss will actively chase after you. If you are not confident in confronting the boss, you should escape as fast as possible.

After the fight in this game, you can another battle in BattleDudes.io which is also an exciting multiplayer game on our website.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to move around.

Click the left mouse button to attack.

Press a Z key to dash.

Press a C key to grow bigger.

Press a V key to use the shield.

Press an X key to boost your power.

The shop in Pung.io

When you have a lot of coins, it is time to go shopping. Click the Shop button to enter the shop. In the shop, you can buy new characters that are more powerful. In addition, you can use your coins to purchase new special skills such as Portal, Mech, Illusion, Guardian, and so on. Finally, the shop sells many cute pets. You can buy your favorite pet and it will follow you during the fight.