Lands Of Blight

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The fights in Lands Of Blight

Participate in the endless fight against monsters in Lands Of Blight now. Stay away from monsters and use fighting skills to take down them to earn gems.

This game will take you to an endless battle in which you must fight against monsters to protect your kingdom. The number of monsters is not calculated. Therefore, you should be careful. At the start of the fight, you will encounter only the skeleton army. However, after that other types of monsters will appear and they are more powerful. Your mission is to assassinate as many monsters as possible. After the monsters are eliminated, the blue gems which can increase your experience points will be dropped. You need to collect these gems to level up. Note that the vases in the arena contain many valuable items. Therefore, you must destroy these vases to get the items.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to control the character to move around the map.

Power-ups in Lands Of Blight

Whenever you level up, you will be offered three power-ups. However, you are allowed to select one of them. Here is the list of power-ups in this game.

  • Eagle Eye: Increase the area of attack by 10%.
  • Berserk: Increase the damage by 10%
  • Trap: Place under the character or area damage
  • Mace: Orbit around the character
  • Firewall: Attack vertically and passes through enemies
  • Encyclopedia: You will gain 10% more experience
  • Magnet: Help to pick up items from further away
  • Sandals: You will move 5% faster