Heart Star

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Help a couple of angels in Heart Star reunite now. You must take turns controlling two characters to overcome many dangers and reach the torch.

The pink and blue angels live in two parallel worlds, but they fall in love with each other. The torch is the key that helps to break the barrier between the two worlds and help the two angels reunite. Your mission is to assist these angels in jumping on platforms and overcoming dangers to reach this torch. Keep in mind that the pink angel can stand on only pink platforms and go through blue walls. This also happens with the blue angel. Therefore, when you control them, you should pay attention to the color of the platforms and walls.


Use Left-Right Arrow key to move.

Use an Up arrow Key to jump.

Use a G key button to switch the character.

All levels in Heart Star

This game offers 64 levels and the difficulty of the levels will increase. You must complete the previous level before unlocking the next one. If the level is too challenging for you, you can click the Skip button to move to the next level. However, I do not encourage you to skip the levels. Instead, you should try your best to beat all levels in this game. After you beat all levels, the pink angel can meet the blue angel.