Haunt The House

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The playing guideline of Haunt The House

Let's transform into the ghost in Haunt The House now. Transform into different items in the house to do spooky things and make 30 guests leave the house.

Thirty people are invited to join a party in the house, but no one knows that this house is haunted. A little ghost lives in this house. One day, when it is sleeping, it is woken up by the noise. The party in the house is too noisy. Therefore, the ghost decides to do spooky things to kick the guests out of the house. You need to help the ghost now. You will take control of the ghost to fly around and find the guests. After finding the guests, you must transform into the furniture in the house such as the table, lights, bookshelves, pictures, and so on. Next, you must do scary things to frighten the guests. For example, if you become the table, you must move or fly to scare the guests out of the house. You will win if all the guests leave the house. After beating this game, you can play Gunblood to join exciting shooting battles.

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How to control

Press the spacebar to transform into items or become a ghost.

Press the arrow keys to fly around or do spooky things.

Some strategies to win Haunt The House

Here are some tips and tricks that help you scare away the guests faster.

  • Pay attention to the eyes of the guests. If the guests are looking up, you can transform into a picture or light.
  • Focus on the scared guests. After they are frightened, they will run into another room. You must chase after them and continue to scare them. Make sure all scared guests leave the house.
  • Aim at the room in which many guests gather. This will help you frighten more guests.