Geometry Dash SubZero

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The playing rules of Geometry Dash SubZero

Are you ready for exciting adventures and boss fights in Geometry Dash SubZero? Play the Press Start level of this game and try to reach the finish line.

In this game, you will take part in a journey in which you must traverse a land. This land is full of dangers as well as the home of the Skull Head monster. You must overcome the hazards and escape from the boss. One new thing in this game is the water pipes. There are many water pipes along the way. You must enter the water pipes to move to another place.

The boss in Geometry Dash SubZero

The boss in this game is a giant skull head. This boss will appear six times during your adventure. At the first time, the boss will chase you and open its mouth to eat you. Next, the boss will get angry, and become red. At this time, the skull head will try to hit you. After that, when the boss appears one more time, it will open its mouth and shoot the laser at you. You must fly up or down to evade its laser. After disappearing for seconds, the boss appears one more time. At this time, there are two mini skull heads following the giant skull heads. The giant skull head will open its mouth constantly to eat you while two mini skull heads will take turns shooting the laser at you. You must escape from them safely. When emerging one more time, the boss will hold a giant spike ball to attack you. It will swing this spike ball. Therefore, you must be careful. Finally, before reaching the finish line, you will encounter a mini skull head moving from right to left.