Geometry Dash Lite

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Challenging levels in Geometry Dash Lite

Play Geometry Dash Lite which is available on the web browser without downloading. This lite version allows you to explore 15 lands and many interesting things.

At the start of the game, you must choose between 15 levels with different degrees of difficulty. Each level will take you to a distinct land that has new things. However, no matter what level you choose, encountering obstacles is unavoidable. You must take control of your character to jump, fly up, or fly down to evade the dangers along the way. If you can reach the finish line safely and complete the level, you will be rewarded with stars. Note that the more difficult the level is, the more stars you can earn.

Icon Kit in Geometry Dash Lite

Icon Kit is considered to be Icon Kit in this game. All characters are ships, balls, cubes, UFOs, spiders, robots, and waves. You can choose one of them. However, note that after choosing them, your appearance will change only at the start of the adventure. After going through the form portals, your appearance will change more. After selecting your favorite character, you can choose the color of your character. There are 4 default colors with 3 shades of green and a light blue. You can choose one of the colors for free.