Cinema Panic 2

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Work as a staff in Cinema Panic 2

Cinema Panic 2 is the second installment of this series in which you will play as a cinema attendant. Try to sell fast food and drinks to earn many coins.

Have you ever worked as a cinema attendant? Play this game to experience this job now. The task of a cinema attendant is really simple. You just need to sell as many drinks and fast food as possible. These drinks and food include hotdogs, popcorn, snacks, coca cola, hamburgers, and candies. As soon as the customers appear, you must take their orders and make ordered drinks and food. Next, serve these drinks and food as fast as possible to avoid letting the customers wait too long. If they have to wait too long, they will get angry and leave immediately. In addition, the ticket seller sometimes plays on her phone or sleeps. This is an opportunity for customers to enter the cinema without purchasing tickets. Therefore, do not forget to knock on the door to call the ticket seller whenever you find that any customer wants to enter the cinema for free. Do your best to earn the target number of coins in a night.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to play the game.

Challenging levels of Cinema Panic 2

Like Vex 3, this game also has many levels. There are 60 levels and five maps in this game. These maps are a countryside, a desert, an island, a snowy city, and a city. Note that the higher the level, the higher the target number of coins you must earn. In addition, on some levels, you will receive a big gift box after completing them. Therefore, you must work hard to complete all levels in this game. Attempt to accumulate as many coins and gems as possible and use them to upgrade the facilities in the cinema center.