Bounce Ball Adventure

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Bounce Ball Adventure is an exciting adventure game featuring many levels. Help the red ball fight against square enemies and reach the exit portal.

The friends of the red ball are kidnapped and imprisoned by evil squares. Therefore, the red ball heads off on a journey to find his friends and rescue them. However, his adventure is full of dangers and he needs your help. Your task is really simple. Just take control of the red ball to roll over many dangers such as spike traps, buzzsaws, and rivers to find his friends. When you see the evil squares along the way, guide the ball to jump as high as possible to hit the head of the enemies to eliminate them. If you are killed by your opponents or crash into the obstacles, you will return to the checkpoint. Besides, you need to collect the hearts to get a chance to revive. You do not forget to collect the key because it can be used to unlock the cage in which your friends are imprisoned. In addition, you also need to collect coins scattered along the road. One tip is to pick up the magnet first because it helps you collect nearby coins automatically. Your destination in each adventure is the exit portal. If you can get to the exit portal safely, the level is completed.

How to control: Press the arrow keys or WASD keys to roll around and jump.

Various skins in Bounce Ball Adventure

This game offers 13 ball skins which are sold at different prices. Moreover, these ball skins have different colors. You need to use the coins to exchange with your favorite ball skins before starting each adventure. Interesting, right? Play this game now and remember to try out other exciting adventure games such as Cat Runner and Temple Run 2 on our website. They are playable on PC and mobile devices.