Apple Worm

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Your objective in Apple Worm

Are you ready for an exciting adventure with a cute worm in Apple Worm? This worm wants to get to the exit portal, so you must help it at all costs.

A new puzzle game was launched and attracted many players in the gaming community. The secret behind the popularity of this game is its challenging gameplay. If you are wondering how hard this game is, you should try it out! In this game, your goal is to take control of the worm to consume the apple and reach the exit portal. However, it is easy for the worm to fall off the platform or get stuck in the dead end. Therefore, you must be careful with every step.

The leaderboards in Apple Worm

Besides completing the levels in this game, another goal in this game is to get high ranks on four leaderboards in this game. This game features four leaderboards which are daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time leaderboards. These leaderboards will show the ranks, names, the shortest time that you complete all levels, and the steps that the worm takes to reach the exit portal. Note that these leaderboards only show the statistics of the top 10 players. Therefore, try your best to become of the best 10 players.