Mini Tooth

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The adventure of Mini Tooth

Let's explore the temple in Mini Tooth now. Overcome many dangers, collect the gold key, and use it to open the exit portal to escape from the temple.

A mini tooth is stuck in a mysterious temple. Now, it has to find a way to leave there. Can you help it? Your mission is to help the mini tooth to find the gold key which can be used to open the exit portal. After getting the key, you must reach the exit portal safely. Note that you can jump on flying platforms to reach higher places. Moreover, you can press a Z key to spawn a temporary portal. If you press the Z key again, you will be teleported to this portal. Besides, the temple is ful of dangers such as laser beams, swinging spiky balls, spiky traps, and so on. These deadly traps can make you hurt if you touch them. Therefore, try to stay away from them until you get to the exit portal.

This game has a total of 30 challenging levels. The higher the level, the more dangerous the obstacles are. If the level is too difficult for you, you can click on the Skip button to skip this level. However, I encourage you to try to complete all levels to have interesting experiences. After beating Level 30, you can get out of the temple. Then, if you want to participate in more exciting adventures, you can play Jungle Jump which is an awesome adventure game on our website.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys to move left or right.

Press an up arrow key to jump up.

Press a down arrow key to jump down.

Press a Z key to spawn the portal and press it again to teleport.

Press the R key to restart.