Jungle Jump

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About the game Jungle Jump

Jungle Jump is a jumping game with extremely addictive gameplay for all ages. Jump to the top of the jungle to experience a whole new side of survival.

Characters and background in the game

The character in the game is an extremely hyperactive monkey. This monkey is existing in a large forest with vibrant colors and sounds full of life. Your task is to control this monkey to explore the forest because inside the forest contains many mysteries. The forest is exploited in height, the higher you go, the new perspectives on this forest.

Journey to explore the green forest

The journey to explore the green forest has officially begun. Your first starting point is on the ground. Next, you will have to direct your next steps by creating stairs in the air. These steps will determine where you stand next. In the process of moving up to new heights, you need to pay attention to obstacles. These obstacles are spikes floating in the air, pits, bombs, and a host of other dangers. The appearance of obstacles will be a great experience for you to practice many useful skills such as observation and reflexes. Also on the way, you will meet a lot of treasures such as diamonds and gold coins. Let's collect all these precious items. The journey has a lot of interesting things as you go higher, so be determined to conquer and don't give up.

Conquer the green forest with many levels to play

The game has all 30 levels of play corresponding to each level you will see the level of challenge for the player will be increased. On some levels, you will have to be careful with new obstacles. Sometimes the steps will no longer be safe, but they will only be for a short time. More than that, other monkeys will appear and steal your loot. So the higher you go, the more you have to move flexibly and orient the next steps with a purpose.

How to move

To navigate the way you just need to use the mouse to click on the position you want to move to. Avoid moving near obstacles. The game does not provide extra lives if you collide with an obstacle you will have to replay the same level.

Some interesting tips

Power Supply

During the move, you will collect some power-ups, and use them to get higher jumps. But don't forget they are only temporary. Applying these power-ups at the right times like jumping off walls or certain platforms will collect more treasures.

Danger warnings

Pay attention to the danger warnings that appear on the screen. These alerts appear very quickly and do not have a fixed location. So you need to pay attention and jump out of the warning position to stay safe.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get the most out of the great Jungle Jump experience. If you want to try to conquer other games with the same theme but on a more difficult level, you can join the Only Up game available on our site. Wish you happy gaming!