Geometry Dash Breeze

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Your objective in Geometry Dash Breeze

Transform into a cube character and discover three lands in Geometry Dash Breeze. Beat all dangers during your journey while chilling with energetic music.

When playing this game, you can choose between three levels which are Over The Clouds, Into The Zone, and Ghost Ship. These levels are classified into three degrees of difficulty including Easy, Normal, and Hard. After choosing the level, you need to select the game modes. As you know, this game has two game modes like the original version. You must select your suitable game mode. Next, let's start the adventure which is full of dangers but exciting.

New things of Geometry Dash Breeze

  • When you play the Over The Clouds level, you will see many rainbows and colorful blocks. It is possible to say that this level has a beautiful background, which is different from other versions of Geometry Dash.
  • The setting of the Ghost Ship level is a volcanic cave. Therefore, there are many lava pools and fires you must encounter along the way.
  • In the Into The Zone level, there are many spike traps. Some spike traps will appear suddenly as soon as you are about to reach them. Therefore, you must be careful.