Flappy Bird 2

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Introduction to the game Flappy Bird 2

Flappy Bird 2 is a skill game that challenges you to get the highest score. To do that, control the bird to fly to the farthest point in this endless game world.

Endless journey in the game

Welcome to the endless journey in this game. The journey takes place in a setting with many interesting details. As you can see in the game the only challenge that you need to overcome is the water pipes with different spaces. Control the little bird to fly into the created gaps to fly to the farthest position. Your goal is to get a higher score every day. You will have to start the game again if you collide with the water pipe. The game seems pretty easy to get through but it's just time to start playing. Later on, you will have to regulate the bird more meticulously because the gaps in the wish tubes will be more difficult. Really this is a game that requires both skill and strategy to be really good. Since this is an endless journey so don't get discouraged when your uncle collides many times instead start the game again and show determination at the first minute.

How to play

The process of flying the bird in the game is a persistent process where you have to click and release the mouse. Click the bird to fly up. Release the mouse the bird will automatically descend. To fly high, you need to click many times to let the bird fly through the gap in the water pipe. The above instructions are for use on a computer, if you use it on a phone, touch the screen to control the bird.

How addictive was Flappy Bird 2?

It can be said that Flappy Bird 2 has received a lot of love from gamers around the world with its challenging and highly entertaining gameplay. Many players were really hooked by the game, they couldn't stop playing until they hit a new high score. Besides, the game's pace and challenging obstacles have created an attraction not to be missed.

A game that receives highly addictive reviews is also something to behold. We should remember that the game will bring the best entertainment needs when you give it a certain time frame to be able to need by activities in daily life.

Tips for playing Flappy Bird 2

Let us give you a few tips so you can get the best results.

Focus on the gaps: Pipes will take up a lot of your focus because they appear so much, but don't let them distract you so focus on the gaps. This will help you better shape your direction.

Timing is important: You'll have to time it correctly while moving. Moving too slow or too fast will also cause you to crash into the water pipe.