Cake Slice Ninja

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The playing rules of Cake Slice Ninja

Test your slicing skill by playing Cake Slice Ninja now. Cut as many cakes as possible to gain the highest possible score and evade bombs at all costs.

This game was inspired by a famous arcade game named Fruit Ninja. However, in this game, your target is yummy cakes instead of fruits. As soon as the cakes appear, you must slice them to gain points. Note that The number of cakes you can cut will be proportional to your score. If you can cut multiple cakes at the same time, you will gain extra points. However, if you let any cake drop without cutting it, you will lose one heart. Note that you have three hearts. If you run out of hearts, the game is over. Moreover, the most dangerous item in this game is the bomb. It sometimes emerges and hides among many cakes. You must look carefully and avoid cutting the bombs. If you touch a bomb, you will lose all hearts and the game is over.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to slice the cakes

Two game modes of Cake Slice Ninja

Like Crash Team Racing, this game also allows you to choose the game mode before starting to play. You can choose the Classic mode or Arcade mode. In the Classic Mode, you will lose if you touch the bomb. In contrast, in the Arcade mode, you will lose 50 points if you slice the bomb. In addition, the allotted time of this mode is only 1 minute. Therefore, you must try to slice as many cakes as possible before the time is over.

Featuring relaxing gameplay, this game is suitable for players of all ages who can play it to have fun after a hard-working day. Do not hesitate to play it now and share this interesting game with your friends or relatives.